Which room?

We have 3 rooms available at Sensory Leeds, our large main room; UV room and trampoline room, each offer their own unique experience, incorporating light, sound, and movement.

All rooms are available to book for £15 per hour, with refreshments available from our onsite cafe that helps towards keeping our sensory rooms at a low and affordable price.

Main room

Our main room is equipped with a waterbed, ball-pool, PA music system, lights, water-bed, and interactive A/V (audio visual) machines. It is the largest of the three rooms and accommodates larger groups and parties perfectly. We have a mobile hoist that is available if and when needed.

UV room

Our UV room is new and is fresh from its redecoration, it is the smallest of the rooms and offers solitude and quiet. The room has UV lamps but is also hard wired if UV is not required. The room has rainbow (uv) curtains, a bubble column, bean-bags, music, mirrors and much more.

Tampoline room

Our trampoline room is quite a large room and well-lit, the walls and sides of the trampoline are soft-padded, with the trampoline built into the floor, sitting at ground level. Music can be accessed from the larger main room if required.